Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sassy Cape Town!


Sassy Studio Designs had an Around the World Blog Hop last weekend as well as a challenge to make a card showing your favourite country.

There are many countries I would love to visit. Those include France, Spain and the USA. Reading books and surfing the web is another way of seeing a bit of the world.

I live in my favourite country in my favourite city, the beautiful Cape Town, in South Africa. My card depict the Fourth of July Honey with a flag of South Africa on a background of an aerial photo of Cape Town. After seeing this, you know why I love it here!

Hope you'll visit again!


Ruza Rebel said...

Lovely card! Great job changing up the flag, and your background is beautiful!

Olga said...

Now this is patriotism!! Just love it and though I do not live where you live I do agree on we do live in the most beautiful country in the world!

Sharon said...

Wow what a great background picture!! Love this Rene!!