Some more of my flowers:
(added 15-1-2013)

I've shared these at the Anything Goes Challenge on CDAC.
Do come and join this fabulous challenge!

Wintermark 2012 - Bellville uitreike 19 - 30 Junie

A selection of flowers from my 'Lappiestuin' (fabric patch garden)

Three beauties in a row!



Shelly Parker - Shellys Images said...

So pretty. I love these!

Priscilla said...

Each one is so pretty in its own way.

Ellis said...

Stunning flowers you made, I like them! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Jackie Scott said...

Your fabric flowers are beautiful!

Asmah Zainal Abidin said...

Hi Rene :)
My girls will love these and so do I. You are very creative.

Charlene said...

These are gorgeous...thanks for sharing :D

ursula Uphof said...

These are absolutely lovely. I enjoy working with fabrics, but recently time is a problem. Ursula xxx

Deb Ochs-LaGrone said...

Beautiful flowers! Are they all barrettes or just the crocheted ones? Thank you so much for playing the CDAC PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGES, Deb