Thursday 1 December 2022

GECKO GALZ - Christmas Dreams

 Welcome to my blog

Today is the start of a new month and a new challenge on the Gecko Galz Blog

The theme this month is: Christmas Dreams

And as a special gift, a fabulous Christmas Collage Sheet:

Thank you, Leanne and Gecko Galz!!

Yesterday was my last day on the Gecko Galz Design Team (for the moment)
 I decided to take a break for a while.
It was not an easy decision and I already miss some of the excitement.

It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every minute.
The past year had ups and downs for me personally and I hope I can return at a later stage. We don't know what the future will bring.

Have fun with the Collage Sheet, and visit the other DT members who also have free sheets for you.
I hope to make a pretty tag or 2 soon.

Ohh and there are lovely free sheets every week when you spend $2 or more! 

Watch this space!


Saturday 5 November 2022

Beccy's Place - The letter B


Another card for today!

The second card at last for Beccy's Place: A month of Holiday Cards Challenge

Today the letter is B and I'm using Baby Crocodile from Beccy's Place

Baby Crocodile is holding a Bear so there is another B
I dressed him in a red T-shirt with a pretty green Bow for his First Christmas

Yes, Beccy, you have inspired me to create Christmassy Animals with a tweak here and there

Thank you for visiting!

There are more to come, but that's it for today!



Beccy's Place - The Letter A


The first card at last for Beccy's Place: A month of Holiday Cards Challenge

Yes, I'm starting with the letter A and playing catch-up all the way!

My first card has Chocolate Strawberries from Beccy's Place on them: 

Don't they look yummy with their shiny glaze on?

In Afrikaans, my home language, a strawberry is an Aarbei.

Strawberries remind me of Christmas time here in Cape Town. Nowadays, the strawberry season is quite long, but when growing up, the season was mainly in November. My dad would go and buy strawberries on the farms in Stellenbosch and then my mom would make this glorious strawberry syrup with whole strawberries. Not a jam, but really a thick syrup. You guessed it, on Christmas day that was served with ice cream. What a wonderful memory. I never got the recipe from my mum before she passed away, but I think I must try making it this year in memory of those days.

Hope you like my creation!

Do visit again!



Tuesday 1 November 2022

Gecko Galz - Retro Christmas

  Welcome to my blog

Today is the start of a new month and a new challenge on the Gecko Galz Blog

The theme this month is: Retro Christmas

Do join in the Gecko Galz Customer Challenge!

There is only one rule: 
you need to use at least ONE  product from Gecko Galz!!  

It can be one of the free products, stamps, collage images, or digital papers!! 
It is up to you!!
The winner will receive a $25 Gecko Galz Shopping Spree

Join the mailing list for the newsletter and receive the monthly free collage sheet.
You will also see all the winners and all the other challenges on the go!

Join the Facebook group where you can also win collage sheets!

Look at the fun challenges this month:

So many fun possibilities!

That is not all, there is the Stamp Challenge on the Blog

As well as the Gothic Challenge

I'm sure you will find something that tickles your fancy!

How many are you going to do? Maybe try to do them all!

And if you forgot about the Blog Hop, go and visit all the blogs and come back and find the Collage Sheets on the Gecko Galz Blog here. It will be up until December 2022, so do not delay!

My first project for the month:

Do pop in during the month, I have more to share!

Have a fabulous day!

Do visit again!