Saturday, 31 March 2012

Recycle and Earth Hour


What a lovely way to launch the Recycle Challenge on the newly revamped Blog by choosing today, 31 March 2012 which is also the Earth Hour Day this year. 

First things first:

Here is my tag for the Anything Goes challenge:

And here is what I've used for my tag:

 I've used the box that the coffee filters came in and the express bag. The Framed Geisha 2 was printed on Acetate. The red semi-circle was also from the bag, as well as the little fan. I used the back (inside) of the bag that is black. Some gold paint did the trick, and off course some beads and gold and black sewing thread!

Here you can see it in close-up:

I added some ribbon, one which was recycled ribbon from a gift. What do you think, was my recycling successful? Is it inspiring you to also take part in the challenge? I hope so! 

Remember, you have the whole of April to play, the theme is Anything Goes, and you can even backlink! As long as you re-cycle, re-purpose or re-invent!

But wait, there is some more...

A Bonus!

With the Bonus you have to answer a question to stand in line for a bonus surprise! Just 1 question!

April's question is:

What’s the strangest thing you have been hoarding for the purpose of using it in your art and how do you plan to use it?

I've been collecting envelopes at the office for a long time and have used them.  One day I saw one of the express mailing bags all torn, the black inside contrasting with the yellow outside, and I thought, this can work for something... Today you are seeing that something! Maybe not the strangest, but I don't think many people save those bags.... They come in all these bright colours, so I'll definitely find more uses for them!

Earth Hour
I've done my bit for Earth Hour and switched off all the lights in my house for 2 hours, because I felt a bit bad that I still watched TV.... Read more about Earth Hour here. Remember, every little bit helps, that 1 hour of no lights, that recycled box, that re-used bag. Thank you for doing your bit.

I'm looking forward to see what you come up with for the challenge...and what you have been hoarding.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Fashionista goes green some more!!

Welcome to another week of Fashionista Fabulousness!

Last week I showed you how nature inspires me, and this week I am showing you a bit more of the process.

It is the final Fashionista challenge at ArtwithNoBoundaries, so do join us and do not forget to add something from your sewing basket to your card.

This time I used some of my inked papers and ribbon for the background.

I cut out the Lace Dress Form and fixed it to the card. Then I stitched the shiny tulle to the card with some gold thread, forming a little pocket with an opening. 

I filled it with some beads and punched flowers and sequins. 

This was then sewn closed to form a shaker effect. Lastly I added some flowers and beads to the bottom corner. 

But wait, this is half the story. Using the tulle, I made a Barbie sized no-sew tutu.

I photographed it on the stand I have. I added some of the background ribbon. 

I added some matching green material, and voila, an outfit in the making for a Fashion Icon:

Go on Barbie, you can sparkle!

Now you know about my other passion, doll clothes! I like the dolls but LOVE their clothes!

Well, I hope I have inspired you to enter your own creation!

Do visit again!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fashionista goes Green!


I’m so glad that you came and visit! Everything is green today, and I’m so glad, because it is my favourite colour! Green in all shades and hues, I just love them all. The first leaves of the new season, the beauty of an emerald, the fresh green of a lime, the translucent green of a peridot….

At ArtwithNoBoundaries the theme is still Fashionista, but it is Fashionista with a Twist, because not only was the challenge extended, the colour Green was added to the challenge. You must still use something from your sewing stash (a button, a bow, a bead, some fabric, some thread, the choice is yours) and interpret the theme the way you see it. And remember, you must add some green, or go all-out green, like I did. I hope you will come and join us, this is such a fun challenge. It's not often that one creates cards from your sewing basket!

Fashionista to me is somebody who understands fashion, knows what it is about, but also has her/his own style, someone who can take a high Fashion item and combine it with a classic and make fashion, make a statement.

It is also somebody who creates fashion, who gets inspiration and creates fabulous garments or accessories. 

My creation today speaks of this inspirational process, of that which inspires. In a way it is a card about me, a free spirit who draws inspiration from around me, from nature.  Green is also a symbol of life and growth. 

There is more about it. All of us can get inspired, but the real Fashionista translates that inspiration into a garment, and for that you will have to come back next week...

Here is my card for Fashionista with a Twist of Green:

I have used the playful Arabesque from CSDesigns to dance on the front of my card. The sentiment is also from CSDesigns. There are some more of these dancing beauties here and here

Here is a close-up of the flowers:

Some more flowers at her feet:


The sentiment up close:

The tutorial of how I made the background and flowers and how I coloured Arabesque and the sentiment can be found here.

Green is also the colour that one associates with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, so even though I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a wish to you:
may the luck of the irish shine

Hope you enjoyed your visit and will come again!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Wings and Blooms Blog Hop is here!

So glad you came to visit!

If you are here for the Crafting By Designs Blog Hop, you are at the right place!
If not, I hope you will join us. Either way, you are welcome to browse around.

Crafting By Designs Blog Hop Route:
Did you arrive from : Chrissie Tobas at  HarvestmoonPapiere?
Then you are on the right track! (PS. Chrissie makes the most wonderful mini-albums, so make sure you visit her site again. You'll find loads of inspiration!)
If you landed here from somewhere else, the start of the hop is on Doris's blog where she has the list of all 18 participants. You might like to start there, but that's up to you. Have fun!

Have you been enjoying the hop so far? Are you also enjoying the fabulous creations everybody has made? Have you been inspired? After the blog hop, you can join in the fun by posting your Wings and Blooms Creation on the Crafting By Designs Blog Hop Post.

Please note: The hop started on 16 March 2012 at 9:00 am EDT and will end on Monday 19 March 2012 at 11:59 EDT.

A Blooming little tutorial:
For the Hop I decided to do some recycling. I had this idea for a while, to paint/stain/colour used envelopes and punch flowers from it. These I can then use in a project(s).

Start with some used envelopes & inks, soft brush & water: 

Apply ink with soft brush. The soft brush hold water which then dilute the ink. You can use watercolour paint in the same way. 

Here is my work in progress:

Let the papers dry or use a heat-gun if you are in a hurry. 

Some of the punches I used:

The finished 'Enchanted Forest' card using my punched flowers plus a piece of paper for the background. I added some glitter to the flowers. There are 3 little birds that I added with my fine-liner. They are just circling the trees.

A close-up of the flowers.

The sentiment is by Chris Stern from CSDesigns.

Just a note on the paper : Envelope paper is quite thin, so you might find that some punches don't punch too well. Try 2 layers together. The thin papers give the flowers a semi-translucent look, almost life-like. Enjoy making flowers, but especially recycling!

Do remember to leave a comment, there is a little surprise for one lucky commenter at the end of the Hop.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quick tutorial.
Time now to visit Aletha Jane Williams at AJ’s Designs.

Enjoy the rest of the Hop and all the other creations! 

Do Visit again!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fashionista Week 2!

It's week 2 at Art With No Boundaries and I'm doing a bit of sewing and cutting.
I started with my Diamond Dot Mini background. I printed in tan, a simple colour choice in MSWord.
The Lace Dress Form is so pretty that I just had to use it again:

I added rickrack and felt buttons, and then added some gold paint and Distress glitter. 

Hope you like it and will join us in the next challenges.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Time for a new challenge at ArtWithNoBoundaries! The theme is Fashion...get out all those those sewing baskets and bits and bobs and create something that express some fashion fever.

I've used the new Lace Dress Form from CSDesigns. And peeking from behind is the Diamond Dot Mini Background also from the Express Yourself Collection. I just love this background.

The inspiration for my card is the design boards used by fashion designers where they pin there fabric swatches, and make their sketches. I used my pinking shears on the sentiment and the fabric swatches.

Here is my card at another angle, showing the 3-D effect.

And here is a close-up of the dress form:

The fabric swatches:

I hope you like my card and that you will join us in the challenge!