Saturday, 31 March 2012

Recycle and Earth Hour


What a lovely way to launch the Recycle Challenge on the newly revamped Blog by choosing today, 31 March 2012 which is also the Earth Hour Day this year. 

First things first:

Here is my tag for the Anything Goes challenge:

And here is what I've used for my tag:

 I've used the box that the coffee filters came in and the express bag. The Framed Geisha 2 was printed on Acetate. The red semi-circle was also from the bag, as well as the little fan. I used the back (inside) of the bag that is black. Some gold paint did the trick, and off course some beads and gold and black sewing thread!

Here you can see it in close-up:

I added some ribbon, one which was recycled ribbon from a gift. What do you think, was my recycling successful? Is it inspiring you to also take part in the challenge? I hope so! 

Remember, you have the whole of April to play, the theme is Anything Goes, and you can even backlink! As long as you re-cycle, re-purpose or re-invent!

But wait, there is some more...

A Bonus!

With the Bonus you have to answer a question to stand in line for a bonus surprise! Just 1 question!

April's question is:

What’s the strangest thing you have been hoarding for the purpose of using it in your art and how do you plan to use it?

I've been collecting envelopes at the office for a long time and have used them.  One day I saw one of the express mailing bags all torn, the black inside contrasting with the yellow outside, and I thought, this can work for something... Today you are seeing that something! Maybe not the strangest, but I don't think many people save those bags.... They come in all these bright colours, so I'll definitely find more uses for them!

Earth Hour
I've done my bit for Earth Hour and switched off all the lights in my house for 2 hours, because I felt a bit bad that I still watched TV.... Read more about Earth Hour here. Remember, every little bit helps, that 1 hour of no lights, that recycled box, that re-used bag. Thank you for doing your bit.

I'm looking forward to see what you come up with for the challenge...and what you have been hoarding.


Sharon said...

This is a beautiful tag Rene - I love your "recycled" products and I agree well timed for Earth Day!! Love the Asian Geisha printed on the acetate!

Ellis said...

Great to see all you used for your tag and there is a lot of things that can be used for crafting! =) Love how your tag turned out! =)
I turned off all my lights yesterday too! =)
Have a nice Sunday!
Hugs, Elenor

MezzoKat said...

Successful, indeed! I especially love the little fan--ingenious!

Reiko said...

Love your tag and it's good to see that recycling can produce such art work!Thanks for sharing, have a nice day!

Sarah Cliff said...

I am really impressed how you have used the colors on the packaging to create such an authentic look. Really well done!

Sarah Cliff said...

I'm really impressed how you have used the colors and shapes of the packaging to create such an authentic look - great lateral thinking!